After many years in the banking and accounting industries, and years spent in an administrative capacity, Creative Director and Owner, Jules Layne, started her own venture, Jules & Co.  Jules took the skills she’d acquired over the past 28 years and created a way to focus on the things she excels at and most enjoys doing, knowing it was best for her (and for her clients) to ‘make the leap’ into entrepreneurship.

Jules & Co.’s motto is, “Our Job Is To Make Your Life A Little Easier!”  Jules says, “It may sound oversimplified, but for people who are stretched thin and stressed out in their day-to-day lives and don’t have enough time in their schedule to complete their To-Do list, I want my company to be the solution.  It brings me a great deal of satisfaction at the end of the day to know I’ve made a positive difference in someone else’s day.”

Jules & Co.’s focus is on Virtual Executive Assistance, Bookkeeping, Website Administration and a multitude of other tasks that “take the load off” individuals and companies who may be pressed for time or have a need for an assistant but may not want or need to hire full time staff.  We offer on-site assistance and will even run errands for individuals or companies located in the North Metro Atlanta area.

Well versed in Windows, Mac OS, iOS, Linux, Ubuntu, MS Office Software (Excel, Word, etc.), Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator and other graphics programs, PowerPoint, iMovie and other movie making software, Mac Software (Pages, Numbers, etc.), Google software, Corel Office, Sage (fka Peachtree) and various other accounting and bookkeeping applications, website admin, backend, creation (WordPress and others), and many other software programs, Jules & Co. is equipped to handle the needs of businesses or individuals.

Jonathan Bloeth is an Assistant Administrator and Graphic Artist.  Currently enrolled in Kennesaw State University, he is majoring in Biotechnology.

To discuss your needs or inquire about pricing options, please contact Jules & Co. HERE to telephone us directly or send an email. Click HERE to schedule a phone consultation or service.